"We will enable researchers in Singapore to conduct homegrown large-scale population health studies"

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NUS Medicine Protein Biomarker Discovery Core Facility has opened in Singapore, allowing researchers at the NUS (and from the entire region) to get access to the newest biomarker discovery facility and in-house expertise, with the aim of developing precision medicine, which is one of the key goals of Singapore's Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025 vision in the areas of health and biomedical sciences. The technology platform will be provided by the Swedish company Olink Proteomics. that can identify more than 3000 proteins in less than a drop of blood. In conversation with BioSpectrum Asia, Andrea Ballagi, MD, PhD, Vice President Sales and Marketing Asia and Pacific Region, Olink Proteomics shares more details about the new facility, and the company's growth plans in Asia.

Please share more details about the technology that has been transferred by Olink to NUS? What is so unique about it? Has the technology been transferred to other Asian countries as well?

The importance of proteomics is well understood, as proteins mirror our health and disease status, and are therefore the perfect biomarker candidates for many different applications. There is a strong unmet need to study proteins, as they also provide the most actionable options for therapeutic interventions - they are the targets of most current drugs. However, technological challenges have prevented the performance of large-scale studies, especially with the low-concentration part of the proteome. Olink Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) has made this possible with its unique, proven, scalable technology capable of measuring thousands of proteins together or one single protein with the same quality, in small volumes of biological samples, such as a few microliters of blood. It is a game-changer. The Olink platforms for advanced protein biomarker research range from high-plex, high throughput discovery to more targeted biomarker studies.

 The technology allows protein biomarker studies to be run that were not possible a few of years go. Producing a lot of data, with trusted quality, fast and affordable, Olink was previously selected as the proteomics partner for the world's biggest proteomics study, analysing 56K samples from the well-known UK Biobank with the Olink Explore 3072 platform. The study was sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies, which clearly shows the growing interest in proteomics in drug development as well as academia. These types of studies were not po...

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