TikTok CEO Says Company Will Keep Safety As Top Priority, Especially For Teenagers

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TikTok CEO Makes 4 Commitments To Users, Including Protection Of Data From Foreign Access

While TikTok is used by millions all over the world, many didn’t know who the platform’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was.

That is, until Thursday (23 Mar), when the United States (US) Congress grilled Singaporean Chew Shou Zi, making him the latest Internet star.

Perhaps taking advantage of his newfound name recognition, Mr Chew has now personally recorded a TikTok video for users.

He vowed that TikTok will continue to keep safety as their top priority, especially for teenagers.

TikTok CEO uses video to share his message

In a video posted on Friday (24 Mar) to the official TikTok account, Mr Chee said he wanted to share his thoughts on the experience of testifying before Congress.

During the four-hour grilling, the 40-year-old was frequently given little time to answer the questions thrown at him and repeatedly interrupted or dismissed when he did speak.

Thus, he may not have been able to fully convey what he intended to say.

That’s ostensibly why he had to post a video of his own to share an important message.

150 million Amercians use TikTok

That message is: TikTok has taken on the responsibility to protect their American users, he said — of which there are more than 150 million of them.

This is possibly in response to widespread concerns over Tiktok being a tool for spying by China, and a way to influence American youth, among other things.

To that end, he made four commitments to users.

Safety is a top priority: CEO

Firstly, Mr Chew said safety is and will be a top priority for users.

This is especially when it comes to teenagers, he added.

The pledge could’ve been a response to his being questioned over TikTok’s content moderation policies before Congress, with one lawmaker playing several videos that encouraged suicide.

These videos drove an American teenager to end his life last year, it was alleged.

Users’ data to be protected from foreign access: CEO

Secondly, Mr Chew said TikTok...

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