The Israel’s war Cabinet is gone. Who’s left in Netanyahu’s inner circle?

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Jun 18, 2024, 10:25 AM


Jun 18, 2024, 10:15 AM

JERUSALEM - Having dissolved his war Cabinet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will rely on an informal group of a few of his closest advisers in making important decisions about the war in the Gaza Strip, analysts say.

Mr Netanyahu created the war Cabinet, an influential five-person body, soon after the Hamas-led attacks in October 2023 prompted Israel to go to war in Gaza.

Two former military chiefs of staff, Mr Benny Gantz and Mr Gadi Eisenkot, members of the centrist opposition to the right-wing government, joined the group, giving it an air of consensus and credibility among Israelis.

But the two former generals resigned last week, and Mr Netanyahu has not said whether he will reconstitute the war Cabinet.

His group of close advisers now lacks the political breadth and military experience the war Cabinet had, and the stature of Mr Gantz, one of Mr Netanyahu’s chief political rivals.

Here is a look at whom he is likely to turn to:

Yoav Gallant: Mr Gallant, the defence minister and a former general, had been in the war Cabinet. He is a member of Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party but has occasionally broken with the prime minister. In 2023, amid mass protests against a government plan to overhaul the judiciary, Mr Gallant said the plan threatened national security, with many reservists vowing to refuse service if the plan became law. Mr Netanyahu fired him, then reinstated him two weeks later. In 2024, Mr Gallant has pushed for a specific plan for governing post-war Gaza, something the Israeli leader has resisted doing.

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