Supporters Of Indonesian Preacher Threaten S’pore By Mentioning 9/11, Shanmugam Warns Not To Dismiss Threats

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Supporters Of Indonesian Preacher Threaten To Attack Singapore Using 9/11

Last week, government officials denied entry to an Indonesian preacher, Abdul Somad Batubara, citing his extremist teachings as the reason.

Since then, controversy over the ban has caught social media by storm. Numerous supporters have left comments below the posts of Singapore’s leaders and held protests in Jakarta and Medan outside Singapore’s embassy.

Unfortunately, the issue seems to have escalated as of late. Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam said on Monday (23 May) that Somad’s supporters have made serious threats against Singapore, using 9/11 as an example.

Supporters of Indonesian preacher threaten Singapore

The Straits Times (ST) reported that Mr Shanmugam noted the ongoing controversy during a press conference where members of the media were present.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Home Affairs explained the reasons for the ban. Somad had previously preached on the legitimacy of suicide bombings and made derogatory remarks about other faiths.

Mr Shanmugam added that any individual making such comments in Singapore would be arrested.

“The language, the rhetoric, as you can see, is very divisive, completely unacceptable in Singapore,” he said.

Some of the people that ISD has investigated in Singapore for radicalisation… were following his preachings.

Despite this, several of Somad’s supporters have made threats on social media directly targeting Singapore, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

“His supporters have called for cyberattacks on Singapore,” Mr Shanmugam said. “All because we exercised our right to deny someone entry into Singapore.”

One such example is an Instagram user who calle...

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