Sister of Maserati driver who dragged S'pore traffic police officer asks for car to be returned

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The sister of Maserati driver Lee Cheng Yan, 39, who is due to hand over his car to the state after repeated offences, pleaded with the court on Jan. 25, to have the vehicle returned to the family.

She revealed that she and her elderly parents were not only paying for Lee's legal fees, but were also supporting Lee's twin daughters in Japan, with the understanding that they would be repaid with the car's proceeds.

Lee, 39, is currently serving a sentence of six years and eight months, and has received two lifetime driving bans -- one for dragging a police officer trapped in his Maserati car's door along the road, and another for driving related offences whilst under a driving ban.

According to the Road Traffic Act, if a repeat offender uses a vehicle he owns to commit certain offences, the public prosecutor can apply for the vehicle to be forfeited under certain circumstances and the court must order it.

"Our lives have been most badly affected": Sister

Lee's sister addressed the court to plead for the car to be returned.

She said she and her family did not condone her brother's wrongdoings, CNA reported.

"In fact, as family members, our lives have been the most badly affected by his irresponsible actions," she said.

She explained that she and her mother had to support Lee's daughters in Japan.

In addition, her eldest brother was unable to care for himself due to his intellectual disability.

Lee had taken large loans from his family to pay for his "very hefty legal fees", CNA reported.

"That was with the understanding that he wishes to pay them the moment the car is released. In other words, what he did is pledge the car to repay the loans he had taken from his parents," she said in court.

Lee's sister further explained that her parents were at their wit's end financially as they had funded Lee's expenses.

Her father had taken a loan from his only life insurance, and was unable to repay t...

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