Singapore’s Tinder Swindler Allegedly 4-Timed Partners In 2022, Women Speak Up To Seek Closure

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Infamous 5-Timer Ashry Owyong Min Returns With New Name, Kylen Ryker

In 2017, the name Ashry Owyong Min was splashed across headlines. A woman he dated revealed he was five-timing her in a lengthy exposé on Dayre, marking the man as a subject of public pillorying.

The storm then blew over, as with most online controversies. But five years later, it seems that another scandal is brewing.

On Friday (20 May), two women gave MS News a tip-off, sharing their month-long involvement with the man and the realisation that they were just one girl among the 16 embroiled in love affairs with him in the past year.

They showed us his photo, and we quickly recognised him as the same Ashry from five years ago.

But the difference is, he goes by Kylen Ryker now.

Image courtesy of Ms B

Here’s what we’ve managed to uncover based on interviews with the women ready to tell their story — all in the hopes of seeking closure and getting him to turn over a new leaf.

Both women met Kylen on Bumble

Let’s get the main players and timeline straight before we unravel this complex story.

  1. Ms A – matched with Kylen on Bumble around end-April
  2. Ms B – met Kylen on Bumble around end-March
  3. Ms C – an apartment owner*
  4. Ms T – Kylen’s so-called “psycho ex-girlfriend”
  5. A mysterious partner who left love bites on Kylen’s neck in late May

*Ms C, the owner of Kylen’s supposed apartment has decided to withdraw her testimony and we respect her decision.

Ms B said he introduced himself as a commercial diver, an occupation she was intrigued by as she had never heard of it before.

They met up for coffee at Raffles City...

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