Singapore's StarHub Unveils LifeHub+ Platform for Health and Wellness

3 months ago 137

StarHub has launched LifeHub+, a one-stop platform for customers to access health and wellness services conveniently with greater value from trusted providers. 

As part of StarHub’s DARE+ initiative, LifeHub+ is committed to delivering convenient and accessible healthcare services for all, leveraging the power of technology to prioritise our customers’ wellbeing. LifeHub+ will include a range of services provided by Speedoc, Nutrition Kitchen and Doctor Anywhere.

From today, customers can enjoy a wide array of bundles from 3 partners, offering various product options tailored to the various needs of their personal health journeys on LifeHub+. With personalised recommendations, individuals are empowered to actively manage their health, and detect and prevent potential health issues early on. Customers can conveniently purchase the curated bundles from LifeHub+ and use them in the partners’ platforms during their checkout. The integration into the StarHub app will assist individuals to access essential and expert health services easily.

With LifeHub+, StarHub aims to drive connectivity by bringing together health and wellness solutions across platforms in a fast, safe, secure and efficient manner. In the coming months, LifeHub+ will provide an even greater array of products across more health & wellness categories. StarHub will continue to promote healthier living through preventive care. This ...

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