Singapore: Health Sciences Authority issues update on reclassified medicines

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In brief

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) adopts different forensic classifications, with varying degrees of access controls, for therapeutic products in Singapore.

In May 2024, the HSA issued an update on the reclassification of certain medicines, which would consequently affect the level of access controls that are required.

Companies engaging in the distribution or sale of such reclassified medicines in Singapore should ensure that their distribution and sale processes account for the different levels of restrictions that would apply following this reclassification of medicines.

There are three forensic classifications for therapeutic products in Singapore, as follows, which determine the corresponding level of access controls for such products in Singapore:

  • Prescription Only Medicines (POM): This refers to therapeutic products available only with a prescription from a doctor or dentist. The condition being treated must be diagnosed and managed by a doctor. Additionally, use of such therapeutic products can have significant side effects that necessitate a doctor’s supervision or follow-up.
  • Pharmacy Only Medicines (P): This refers to therapeutic products that are available from pharmacists at retail pharmacies. They are suitable for self-limiting conditions and can be assessed and treated by pharmacists.
  • General Sale List (GSL): This refers to therapeutic products that can be freely obtained from retailers. They are safe for public use without medical supervision and are only intended for short-term self-treatment.

For pharmacy only medicines, pharmacists are legally obliged to keep sufficient records when dispensing such products over the counter. Members of the public may be required to provide their name, identification number (e.g., NRIC/FIN No.) and contact details when purchasing pharmacy only medicines from their pharmacists. This ensures that there are adequate safeguards for proper use of therapeutic products.

The HSA recently reclassified a list of medicines based on the three levels of access controls set out above. The full list of reclassified medicines may be found here.

The reclassification exercise shows that the HSA is active across the therapeutic products available in the Singapo...

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