Shanmugam Addresses Queries About Possibility Of Non-Chinese PM, Says Good Candidates Can Bridge Gap

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Shanmugam Responds To BBC Queries About Whether Singapore Could Have A Non-Chinese PM

Conversations regarding race might not be comfortable but are necessary for a multi-racial country like Singapore. Accordingly, there have been numerous instances where the possibility of a non-Chinese Prime Minister (PM) in Singapore has been talked about.

Recently, when Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam was probed about the topic on BBC HARDtalk, he retorted, “How many non-white Prime Ministers have there been in the United Kingdom?”

While maintaining that race has a role to play in politics, Mr Shanmugam believes that a good candidate of Malay or Indian descent can bridge the “gap” to assume the role.

Shanmugam asserts that race matters in politics, but non-Chinese PM still possible

On 29 Jun (Wednesday), the BBC released a video of Mr Shanmugam speaking on their show “HARDtalk”, for which the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) published a transcript.

During the show, host Stephen Sackur asked Mr Shanmugam if it was a “reality” that as an Indian, he would “never” be able to be the Singapore PM.

In response, Mr Shanmugam asked rhetorica...

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