SCDF Officers Join Dancing TikTok Man, HazMat Specialist Steals The Limelight

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Viral TikTok Dancing Sensation Mr Raymond Joins SCDF Officers At Tampines Fire Station

Avid TikTok users would have probably come across the profile of @raymondl88 or Mr Raymond as he has come to fondly be known.

Dancing S’pore Man Becomes TikTok Sensation For His Good Vibes, Fans Gamely Join In

His simple yet endearing dancing at familiar public places catapulted him to fame, and now he has roped in Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers too.

Everyone he has encountered and jio-ed to dance with him has gamely joined each time, and our SCDF officers are no different.

Dancing TikTok man visits SCDF officers at Tampines Fire Station

On Saturday (21 May), SCDF shared a clip on Facebook showing several officers standing in a row with a plain clothes civilian.

Upon closer inspection, one would recognise the man in the red polo shirt as Mr Raymond, who has donned the same top in several of his TikTok videos.

The officers, meanwhile, wore various getups signifying their specialties, such as fire and rescue, paramedic, and HazMat.

Officer in HazMat suit earns praise

Of course, one does not simply meet Mr Raymond without attempting his famous dance moves, and that was exactly what the officers did.

While all of them did so enthusiastically, fairly accurately, and with smiles on their faces, one in particular caught viewers’ attention.

The officer on the far right i...

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