S’porean abroad for 20 years returns to same char kway teow stall in S’pore each time he's back

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One thing that many Singaporeans living abroad will miss dearly is the hawker food here.

Last week, one Singaporean who has been living abroad for almost 20 years shared how a specific hawker food holds a special place in his heart.

A taste of home

In a Facebook post shared on "Can Eat! Hawker Food" page on Jan. 20, Yap Chee Gee wrote that he will make it a point to visit Hai Kee Teochew Char Kway Teow on the day of arrival whenever he returns to Singapore.

If the shop is closed on that day, he will visit the day after to satisfy his craving.

Photo from Google Maps/Aurelius Yeo

The char kway teow served by a 74-year-old hawker clearly means more than just a fleeting craving to Yap, as he wrote:

"His char kway teow will constantly remind me that I am a Singaporean and forever will be!"

Hai Kee Teo Chew Char Kway Teow may not have won many awards or accolades, but it has surely won Yap's heart with its "strong wok hei taste", "crackling pork lard" and "savoury soft cockles".

His addiction is a proof of his "Singaporean-ness" despite living overseas for many years, Yap wrote.

Speaking to Mothership, Yap shared that he left Singapore in 2004 to work overseas. He eventually settled down in Shanghai, China, and worked as a teacher in the city.

He plans to return more often and eventually retire in Singapore once his children are no longer dependent on him, he added.

Photo from Facebook/Yap Chee Gee

Photo from Facebook/Yap Chee Gee


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