S'pore pet fish owners escort otters across busy road even though they feasted on family's koi fish

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A family in Singapore escorted a family of otters across busy roads safely even after the otters killed and ate their koi fish.

Otters ate and killed pet koi fish

Otter City shared this surprising turn of events on Facebook.

According to the local otter-watching page, the incident took place earlier in the year.

The koi fish owners, Angel (not her real name) and her family, saw their beloved fish floating belly-up in their pond.

Image from Otter City/Facebook.

The family were understandably shocked and dismayed that the otters destroyed their prized fish.

According to an individual in the comments section, the creatures responsible are supposedly from the Anchorvale otter family.

Mothership reported previously that the Anchorvale clan comprises four members – two adults and two juveniles.

The otters were most likely to have sneaked into Angel's residence through the gap between her main gate and the ground.

Image from Otter City/Facebook.

Angel said: "We are not going to lie – we are upset about our kois being eaten."

One of the otters was even seen lurking outside the gate of the crime scene, but it subsequently retreated into a nearby drain.

Ensured otters' safety

Angel's family realised that the young otter was most likely lost.

They kept a lookou...

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