S’pore Helper Suffers Loss Of Fingers After Working At Bakery, Employer Gets 4 Weeks’ Jail

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The helper was made to assist her employer at the bakery without being paid for it.

By - 22 May 2022, 4:23 pm

Helper Loses Fingers When Working Illegally At Employer’s Bakery

Employers must look after helpers who assist them in their daily needs. Putting helpers intentionally in the line of danger is not only against the law but also reflects poorly on one’s character.

This was the case recently when 46-year-old Ms Mastura Abdul Khalil asked her Indonesian helper Ms Rabiah Baharuddin Abdul to also assist in her bakery without paying her for it.

The helper then suffered a severe injury from an electric mincer, in which all the fingers on her right hand had to be amputated.

On Friday (20 May), Ms Mastura received a four-week jail sentence, in addition to a S$10,400 fine. Her 61-year-old husband Affendi Husain received an S$8,700 fine.

Woman illegally hired a helper to work at bakery

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