S’pore Boy Struggles With Fasting On 1st Day Of Ramadan, Viewers Encourage Him To Keep Trying

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Boy Tears Up While Fasting On 1st Day Of Ramadan, Mother Praises Him For Efforts

Last Thursday (23 Mar) officially marked the start of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month.

As part of its traditions, our Muslim friends in Singapore have been busy fasting. For those new to the practice, though, it can definitely take some getting used to.

Such was the case for a boy in Singapore, who teared up while explaining to his mother that he did his best to fast.


Alolo that tired face, that dreaded body to move, that “wanna die” face -lol syg, mummy totally understand you! I’ve been through it also, just keep trying aight! Happy fasting all ❤️🙏 #ramadankareem

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Viewers were sympathetic and commented words of encouragement for the young boy.

Boy cries while fasting for Ramadan

The boy’s mother posted footage of their interaction to

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