S$268,000 worth of drugs seized in Boon Lay, Fernvale and Clementi: CNB

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SINGAPORE: About S$268,000 worth of controlled drugs were seized by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) during two anti-drug operations conducted on Wednesday (Aug 17).

A total of about 3,779g of heroin, 14g of Ice, 26g of cannabis, 2g of vegetable matter believed to contain controlled drugs, and five tablets believed to be controlled drugs were seized during both operations, CNB said in a news release on Thursday.

"The seizure of 3,779g of heroin can feed the addiction of about 1,780 abusers for a week."

Seven Singaporeans, aged between 28 and 41, were arrested, said CNB.


On Wednesday morning, CNB officers raided a residential unit near Boon Lay Drive and arrested two men, aged 37 and 39.

"Both men had put up a violent struggle to evade arrest, and necessary force was used to subdue them," said CNB.

A 41-year-old woman who was hiding behind a rack in the unit was also arrested. 

A 41-year-old woman had hid behind a rack in a residential unit in the vicinity of Boon Lay Drive to evade arrest in a CNB operation conducted on Aug 17, 2022. (Photo: CNB)

About 26g of cannabis, three tablets believed to be controlled drugs and various drug paraphernalia were seized from the unit, while about 26g of heroin and 10g of Ice were recovered from the 39-year-old man’s belongings.

Prior to the arrests, substances believed to be controlled drugs were suspected to have been discarded into the rubbish chute, said CNB. 

Officers later recovered the substances, which included seven bundles and packets containing about 2,529g of heroin, along with various drug paraphernalia.

A blue bag, which contained heroin and Ice, recovered from a rubbish chute in the vicinity of Boon Lay Drive in a CNB operation conducted ...
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