Runway’s co-founder and CTO says Gen-3 Alpha coming in ‘days’ starting with paid subscribers

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Today, promising generative AI video startup Runway ML unveiled its newest foundation model, Gen-3 Alpha, which allows users to generate high-quality, ultra realistic scenes 10 seconds long, and with many different camera movements, using only text prompts, still imagery, or pre-recorded video.

We had the chance to speak with Runway’s co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) Anastasis Germanidis about Gen-3 Alpha and its place in the overall, fast-moving, increasingly competitive video AI software space, and how Runway views its place in the market.

We also learned the rollout plan for Gen-3 Alpha (paid users first in the coming days, free users after) and how Runway plans to meet the competition head on.

Read on for our exclusive interview (edited for length and clarity):

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VentureBeat: I know you have a busy day, obviously, and congratulations on the launch of Gen-3 Alpha…tell me a little bit about how Gen-3 is different than Gens-1 and 2? What are the biggest differentiators?

Anastasis Germanidis: Since we released Gen-2, more than a year ago now, we learned a few different things: the number one thing was, when we first released Gen-2, you could only prompt it in a very simple manner with text, and we quickly added a lot of controls around camera motion, around object motion, and that proved to be really important for how people are using Gen-2 today.

So in Gen-3 Alpha, we basically...

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