Quick and Simple Chinese Glutinous Rice Recipe: Introducing the New Instant Pot RIO

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Behold the World’s Quickest Chinese Glutinous Rice Recipe!

I developed this recipe because I love Chinese Glutinous Rice and sometimes I just want it in an instant. The traditional recipe requires soaking the glutinous rice for at least 2-3 hours before steaming it, then frying the ingredients and mixing it with the rice. That requires some pre-planning! With this recipe you can come home from work, spend 15 minutes preparing the ingredients, dump it all into the Instant Pot, and enjoy a delicious bowl of glutinous rice after you shower and clear some messages on your smartphone!

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We will be employing three time-saving strategies:

1. Cut the rice pre-soaking time to 15 mins by using boiling water to soak the rice2. Cut the dried mushroom pre-soaking time by using fresh shitake mushrooms 3. Dump everything into an Instant Pot and allow it to do its magic!

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Introducing the Instant Pot RIO

I’ve been using the Instant Pot for a few years now, and it has proven to be a reliable workhorse! It’s perfect for braising meats, cooking ramen eggs, slow cooking, and steaming food. Since acquiring my Instant Pot, I’ve stopped using my stovetop pressure cooker altogether. The issue with stovetop pressure cookers is the need for constant monitoring and the loud hissing sound once the pressure builds up. If not vigilant, the pressure can become dangerously high, which may lead to disastrous outcomes.

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