Policeman fined S$500 after conning Hougang noodle stall of S$36.50, transferred meal prices to himself

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Singapore policeman fined for cheating noodle stall of S$36.50

A former policeman was fined after swindling a noodle stall in Hougang out of S$36.50 worth of meals.

25-year-old Siew Weng Chuin pretended to complete the payment via PayNow but changed the payee from the noodle stall’s bank account to his own.

He has since resigned from the Singapore Police Force and paid a fine of S$500.

Pretended to pay for meals at Hougang noodle stall

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), a court hearing on Thursday (9 May) revealed that Siew’s first cheating incident occurred on 14 April last year.

He informed the 26-year-old stall operator that he would settle his S$25.60 meal via PayNow.

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However, rather than transferring the funds to the stall’s account, Siew altered the payee details to direct the money to his personal bank account.

The stall operator was unaware she had been deceived as Siew showed her the completed transaction.

Stall operator could not find transaction record

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