Northern Thai Tomyam: Still As Shiok As Ever

1 month ago 67

Northern Thai is one of those stalls that I have written about many times. My initial encounter with them goes back to 2006 when I first embarked on my blogging journey. It was Joe (SCS Butter) who first introduced me to this unique Thai food stall.

What distinguishes them from the other Thai food stalls is their audacity in offering just one dish — their irresistible tom yum soup with addictive crispy fish fritter! I still remember the first time I dipped the fried fish into the soup and took a bit of it. It was a moment of gastronomic epiphany!

I posted another story in 2013 when they moved to another coffeeshop in Paya Lebar. They have had to keep relocating for various reasons, but most of it concerns the rent. It is an unfortunate phenomenon in Singapore that increasing rentals force hawkers to relocate all the time. If the stall had been in Malaysia, it would probably still be in the same place!

They’ve moved to their present location at the Jalan Bersih Food Centre, which I think should be more stable as the NEA still operates it. I am glad to report that Khun Nid is still manning the stall and most importantly, their Tom Yum soup with crispy fish fritters is still so shiok! I still haven’t found anyone else who does it as well as they do! 4.5/5

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