Marina Bay MRT Has New Walkway To Access Road, Barrier Blocking Pedestrians Permanently Removed

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Marina Bay MRT Exit Had Barrier Forcing People To Climb Or Walk A Big Round

Those who work in the downtown area might use the Marina Bay MRT station often to get to work.

However, passengers exiting the station used to encounter a bit of a roadblock just to get to the road in front of it.

After the daily bugbear was shared over TikTok, a new walkway was built for easier access to the road.

That irksome barrier that blocked pedestrians has also been permanently removed.

Tiktoker questions existence of barrier outside Marina Bay MRT

The former inconvenience came to netizens’ attention when TikTok user @ugoahboy posted a video in Apr, expressing his annoyance at how the area is configured.

Whenever he emerged from Marina Bay MRT and had to cross the road at Marina Way, he found the shortest pathway to the road blocked by a fence.

Instead, the “official” sheltered walkway directed pedestrians to a route that led them straight to the traffic light crossing — which would be fine if p...

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