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Here’s a question for you. How do you make sure to parent your kid’s internet time without invading their privacy? Kidas might have an answer for you, with its ProtectMe software. ProtectMe isn’t just a piece of nanny software, alerting parents to their own kid misbehaving. It also recognizes signs of incoming harassment.

The program uses artificial intelligence to monitor alarming behaviors between kids in over 120 games. ProtectMe specifically looks for context; it can tell the difference between a playful jab and an actual threat.

At the end of every week the software generates a report for the parents. This report alerts them to any concerning behaviors from — or towards — their kid.

It sounds good, in theory. But I had a few questions about the particulars. So, I got to asking a few questions to Kidas boss Ron Kerbs. Just a few questions about how exactly the software works and where it’s going in the future.

How it currently works

GamesBeat: Is ProtectMe limited to voice-chat only?

Ron Kerbs: The ProtectMe software provides both voice and text monitoring. It knows when to turn on and off based on when games or communication apps such as Discord are turned on and off.

GamesBeat: Is it user-only? That is, is the main goal of ProtectMe to observe the child’s outgoing speech, and not incoming speech?

Kerbs: ProtectMe has the ability to understand communication both in and out, meaning we know if a child was exposed to, for example, cyberbullying, as the victim, the perpetrator or a witness. For privacy and compliance reasons, we do not provide gamer tags, personal details or...