Internet confused by design of Pasir Ris cycling path that gets cut off by dead-end

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Netizens mull over design of Pasir Ris cycling path that gets cut off by dead-end

Have you ever come across this cycling path along Block 626 Pasir Ris Drive 3?

The path has recently baffled netizens due to its perceived odd design — reaching a dead-end after only a few metres.

While some had called out the design’s impracticality, others highlighted that it was likely part of older initiatives by the Town Council.

Cyclist calls out design of Pasir Ris cycling path

On Monday (20 May), a Facebook user took to the SG PCN Cyclist group to share a video he took of the path.

In the clip, he was cycling on the pedestrian walkway with the cycling path to his left.

The video shows the cycling path cut off by a dead-end after just a few metres.

The OP expressed that although most paths are excellent, others, like the path in question, were “built with users with strollers in mind”.

He also questioned the need to repave the path as he felt that it wasted resources.

Many netizens felt similarly about path design

In the comments, many netizens echoed the cyclist’s sentiments.

One user similarly questioned the path’s design, claiming that such paths would abruptly cut off while they were in the midst of cycling.

Another commenter remarked that while the retaining wall design was practical, it did not make sense to build an adjacent cycling path.

Some also joked that cyclists would need to “bunny hop” to get to the path on the other side.

Site used to be a straight road

Meanwhile, there were others who highlighted that the desi...

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