Indonesian Preacher Says He May Try To Visit S’pore Again, Supporters Protest In Jakarta & Medan

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Indonesian Preacher Says People In Riau See Singapore As Part Of Their Land

On 16 May, Indonesian preacher Abdul Somad Batubara was denied entry into Singapore due to concerns over his teachings.

While he duly went back to Batam that same day, it seems he’s undeterred.

In fact, he has said he may try to visit Singapore again.

One reason for his desire to come over is that he has some roots here, including distant relatives.

Indonesian preacher wanted family to know ancestors

In a YouTube interview with Indonesian journalist Karni Ilyas posted on Wednesday (18 May), Somad explained why he wanted to visit Singapore.

Somad (right) being interviewed by Indonesian journalist Karni Ilyas. Source: Karni Ilyas Club on YouTube

His recent attempted visit here was so that his wife and children could get to know their ancestors, he said.

He also noted,

My grandmother has brothers, children and grandchildren who live in Singapore.

Singapore is Malay land: Indonesian preacher

Somad also described Singapore as “Malay land”.

This is similar to Riau, where he is from, he added.

Located just south of Singapore, the Riau Islands are a province of Indonesia that comprises some 1,796 islands including Batam and Bintan.

The preacher also added that people in Riau see Singapore as part of their land.

That’s because Singapore was part of the Temasek Malay kingdom — way back in the 13th and 14th centuries.

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