ICA Advises All S’poreans With Year-End Travel Plans To Renew Passports Now To Avoid Delays

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Singaporeans With Year-End Travel Plans Should Renew Passports Now

With less than four months to go before 2023 arrives, our year-end holidays are on the horizon.

For those who’ve made travel plans, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has advised them to renew their passports now.

This is so that you can get your new passport promptly and avoid any necessary delays.

If you’re waiting to renew your passports till the last minute, ICA warned that they would run the risk of not being able to collect their passports in time for their travel.

ICA issues an advisory to all Singaporeans to renew passports now

To remove any uncertainty regarding passport collection dates, ICA advised all Singaporeans with year-end travel plans to renew their passports now.

It’s unclear what ICA means when they say “now”, but one can infer t...

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