How to get Wuthering Waves Waking of a World Bundle: Twitch Drop explained

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Just like many other games of today, with Wuthering Waves, you can secure some extra in-game items if you tune into your favorite Twitch streamers. This is done via the Twitch Drops system and one bundle that is available right now is the Waking of a World Bundle which contains a bunch of goodies.

If you’re interested in this bundle, we’ll reveal exactly how to get it below along with what it contains so you know if it is worth your time.

Wuthering Waves Waking of a World Bundle contents

Here is the full bundle in all its glory, netting you five sets of in-game items:

  • Incomplete Overlord Class Echo
  • 10 Advanced Resonance Potions
  • 10 Advanced Energy Cores
  • 100 Astrites
  • 10,000 Shell Credits

As you can see, you’ll certainly get a head start on some of the more rare items in the game as well as a big boost to Astrites, the in-game currency, which is a relatively pricey affair if you were to buy it outright.

How to get Wuthering Waves Waking of a World Bundle

If you liked the look of the Waking of a World Bundle, let’s dive straight into how to get it.

We’ve mentioned already that it can be acquired via a Twitch Drop, but rather than simply watching a stream, the method here is a little different.

First off, you will have to tune into a Twitch stream that has Wuthering Waves drops enabled. This is a given, and the usual when it comes to Drops. However, instead of racking up minut...

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