SINGAPORE - Rents for private apartments remained flat in July compared to the previous month, while those for Housing Board flats continued to climb, according to flash data from real estate portal SRX released on Wednesday (Aug 11).

More condominium units and HDB flats were leased in July compared with the month before, SRX data also showed.

Condo rents were unchanged last month after rising for six consecutive months. Year on year, rents were up 7.6 per cent from July 2020, although still down 10.9 per cent from their peak in January 2013.

On the other hand, rents for HDB flats rose for the 13th consecutive month in July, up by 0.6 per cent over June.

While HDB rents were 8.4 per cent higher than in July 2020, they were still 7.7 per cent off the peak in August 2013.

In July, rents for all HDB flat types went up, with units non-mature estates reporting an increase of 1.2 per cent, while those in mature estates inched up by 0.1 per cent.

Ms Christine Sun, senior vice-president of research and analytics at real estate firm OrangeTee & Tie, said the strong demand in both the private and HDB rental market could be attributed to more locals leasing temporarily after selling their HDB resale flats or private condos in recent months.

Some Singaporeans could also be waiting for the completion of their new homes which may be experiencing some construction delays due to Covid-19, added Ms Sun.

"Another group could have sold their units before buying a new private home since they cannot apply to extend their option to purchase and want to avoid paying the additional buyer's stamp duty by not holding more than one property," she said.

Huttons Asia chief executive Mark Yip said tenants may have chosen to shift to non-mature estates, where rents are more affordable, to lower their cost while they wait for their flats to be completed.

In July, more people rented condo units as volumes increased by 7.3 per cent to an estimated 5,051 units leased last month, compared with the 4,707 units in June.

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