Google announces big update to Password Manager 

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Today, Google released a blog post announcing some key changes to Password Manager. The new changes will enable users who have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, to automatically group them on Chrome and Android devices. 

At the same time, when entering passwords into online accounts, a feature called Password Checkup will warn users about compromised credentials and weak or reused passwords, and give them an option to change them. 

This means that users will have the opportunity to automatically secure weak passwords that put them at risk of being hacked.

In addition, the changes will not only enable users to create strong unique passwords across platforms, but users on Android will be able to create a shortcut to Password Manager on their home screen so they can access their passwords with a single tap. 

The announcement comes as panic over compromised credentials has reached a breaking point with Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report highlighting that compromised credentials accounted for almost 50% of data breaches. 

With the FIDO-passwordless movement fully underway, and providers like Microsoft, Google and Apple committing to deploy passwordless authentication options, these changes to Password Manager provide a welcome intermediary step for users that are still dependent on password-based...

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