Everyone's Pumped About Heat Pumps

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Lauren Goode: Yeah. You recommended a podcast episode with her too.

Michael Calore: I did, yeah.

Lauren Goode: Was it the Fresh Air one?

Michael Calore: Yeah. To you. Yeah. Yeah, because you were like, “Who is Kathleen Hannah?” I'm like, “Oh, you got to check her out.” So yeah, I think she was on another podcast last week. Anyway, the book is brand-new. You can get it as an ebook or an audiobook. She reads it, and if you're a Spotify Premium subscriber, I think you can listen to it as part of your subscription, so I would recommend doing that. That's how I'm enjoying it, in her voice.

Matt Simon: I think I saw that at Green Apple actually.

Michael Calore: Yeah.

Matt Simon: San Francisco local people might be able to find it there.

Michael Calore: Yes.

Matt Simon: You should be there. Anyway. It's a great bookstore.

Lauren Goode: Oh yeah. We just walked by it the other day.

Michael Calore: Yeah, it's the best. One of the best in the world.

Lauren Goode: You had a great story about the book that you let go.

Michael Calore: Oh, yeah.

Lauren Goode: And it came back to you.

Michael Calore: Yeah. Between the Clock and the Bed?

Lauren Goode: That's right.

Michael Calore: Edvard Munch. Yeah. That's a boring story though.

Lauren Goode: I enjoyed it.

Michael Calore: Glad you did.

Lauren Goode: Yeah.

Michael Calore: What is your recommendation?

Lauren Goode: My recommendation, I just came up with this, because I came into the studio today without one prepared. Staycations.

Michael Calore: Say more.

Matt Simon: You mean as a concept or as a piece of media?

Lauren Goode: Oh, as a concept. Is there a piece of media called Staycations?

Matt Simon: I don't know.

Lauren Goode: Is that like a magazine? We should start one.

Matt Simon: Yeah.

Lauren Goode: I like that idea. It's a great time in media t...

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