Drunk Man Arrested After Attacking Patrons At Boat Quay Bar, Police Investigating

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Drunk Man Refuses To Queue At Boat Quay Bar Toilet, Hurts Patrons With Glass Shard

It’s no secret that getting drunk can lead us to do some questionable things. Unfortunately, this means that we may unintentionally harm others around us.

Recently, a 52-year-old man, who appeared intoxicated, started causing a ruckus at a bar in Boat Quay. He refused to queue for the toilet and began breaking glasses to use as weapons.

Unfortunately, another customer who tried to intervene sustained a minor injury in the event. Police eventually arrested the drunk man for causing public nuisance.

Drunk man holds glass shards as weapons

Shin Min Daily News reports that at about 1.15am on 22 May, a 52-year-old man started causing a commotion at Drunk Skunk, a bar located at 79 Circular Road.

A bar manager told the paper that the man was there with a few other friends. He apparently had too much to drink and refused to queue for the toilet.

His antics escalated into a dispute with others in the queue. His friends tried to dissuade him but to no avail, as the man was very “strong” and “emotional”.

After breaking free from his friends, the man took two glasses from a table and smashed them to use as weapons, the manager recalled.

Man injures patron with glass shar...

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