Defence display & immersive experiences: What you can expect at the National Day Parade 2024

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What you can expect from the 2024 National Day Parade

On Singapore’s 59th birthday, Singaporeans can look forward to new elements and celebrations at the Padang as well as the Promontory @ Marina Bay for National Day Parade (NDP) 2024.

A day later, celebrations continue into the heartlands on 10 Aug.

This year’s parade will centre around the theme ‘Together, As One United People’, the Chairman of the NDP 2024 Executive Committee, Brigadier-General (BG) Wilson Low, announced on Thursday (23 May).

Left to right: Koo Chia Meng, BG Wilson Low, Benjamin Kheng. Image courtesy of NDP 2024 Executive Committee.

The theme reflects the values of inclusivity, community, and trust that has enabled the country to thrive and overcome challenges in the 59 years since independence.

Among the slew of activities this year are a special defence display, marching contingents, immersive multimedia and firework effects, and more.

40 years of Total Defence (TD40) Dynamic Defence Display (D3) at the Padang

Aside from being Singapore’s 59th year of independence, 2024 also marks 40 years of Total Defence (TD40) in Singapore.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, NDP 2024 will see the inaugural TD40 Dynamic Defence Display (D3) at the Padang, showcasing the integrated Whole-of-Government and community responses to possible threats in a range of scenarios.

The coordinated “warfighting” demonstration between the Padang and Marina Bay will include threats in the air and the surrounding waters, as well as civil emergencies and disruptions.

NDP 2024 To Be Held At Padang With ‘Dynamic Defence Display’ From SAF, SPF & SCDF

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