Concert Security Mistakes S’pore Woman’s Guide Dog For Pet, Organiser Apologises For Incident

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Security Guard At Singapore Concert Mistakes Woman’s Guide Dog For Pet

Guide dogs are a massive aid for the visually impaired, assisting them with navigation when owners are out and about.

Unfortunately, guide dogs are still not fully understood in the community and are sometimes treated as pets, leading to difficulties.

Paralympic swimmer Sophie Soon recently attended a concert with her guide dog, Orinda.

Security, however, stopped her on the way in, mistaking Orinda for her pet.

The concert organiser has since apologised for the incident and offered Ms Soon an invite to another concert.

Security guard stops woman with guide dog at concert

Ms Soon took to TikTok to detail her recent experience of attending her first Candlelight concert in Singapore.

A paralympic swimmer, she suffers from a condition that makes her unable to see anything in front of her.

Unfortunately, her day hit a snag when security personnel stopped her from entering the concert venue.

In the video, he seemed to have mistaken Orinda for her pet. Confused, he asked her if she was watching a show, to which she replied in the affirmative.

She went on to explain that she is visually impaired. Due to her condition, Orinda is with her as her guide dog — not her pet.

Insensitive remarks by security guard

After a few seconds of “stunned silence”, the security guard asked:

How you see? You cannot see, right?

Ms Soon pointed out within the video that this question was rather “irrelevant”.

She additionally noted that such instan...

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