Buona Vista cafe is 'hidden' behind a vending machine door, serves ice cream from S$4.50 per scoop

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Attention Westies, here's another dessert place for you to check out.

2nd Serving

2nd Serving is an artisanal gelato and tea joint that opened in Nov. 23, 2021.

It is hidden behind a vending machine door, but has a window on the side which offers passers-by a look into the cafe, so it's hard to miss.

Image from Lucify Gazette/Facebook.

The interior of the cafe is warmly lit and coloured in a soft pastel pink, which makes for a homely and welcoming environment for those who choose to dine-in.

The bar counter is divided into two sections.

The first section closest to the entrance displays ice cream flavours, or a delicious ice cream viewing gallery, if you will, while the other is dedicated to brewing teas that can be served hot or cold.

Image from Lucify Gazette/Facebook.

Image from 2nd Serving/Facebook.

Prices start from S$4.50 per scoop

You can expect the gelato at 2nd Serving to come with a unique Asian twist. Notable past flavours include tang yuan (glutinous rice balls), pulut hitam (black glutinous rice dessert with coconut milk), kueh bangkit (coconut cookies), and watermelon soju.

With that said, the ice cream cafe also serves up classic and timeless flavours such as rum and raisin, which it claims to be one of its more popular flavours.

Prices of the gelato start from S$4.50 for a single scoop, and S$8 for a double scoop. Premium flavours cost S$1 more.

Image from Lucify Gazette/Facebook.

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