All Primary 3 students in S'pore to get plant starter kit & 2 extra edible seed packs this year

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Primary Three students in Singapore can look forward to training their green fingers with the National Parks Board's (NParks) 10th anniversary of the Every Child A Seed programme.

The programme was started in 2013, and every year, all primary three students will receive their own plant starter kit, comprising a pot, potting mix, and a pack of seeds.

According to NParks, complementary teaching materials tailored to the primary science syllabus are also provided to schools.

Thus far, around 437,000 students from primary schools and special education schools have participated in the programme.

More seeds for students this year

To commemorate the anniversary this year, NParks will be introducing a special edition of the programme.

In addition to the usual pack of seeds, students will receive two more packets of edible gardening seeds.

All 190 primary schools in Singapore will also receive a special packet of Crepe Ginger seeds, a native herbaceous plant species, which teachers can plant in schools.

These seeds were specially collected by NParks staff from the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

This will help "further nurture a deeper appreciation for gardening and nature in students while fostering the next generation of nature stewards," NParks stated.

Gardening with Edibles

Free seeds haven't been given only to students.

Previously in 2021, 400,000 packets of edible plant seeds were distributed to anyone and everyone as part of NParks' Gardening with Edibles programme.

Seeds of vegetables like Kang Kong, Xiao Bai Cai, Kai Lan and Chinese mustard were given out.

The 2020 edition of the programme saw around 460m000 edible seed packets distributed.

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