1 In 3 S’pore Youths Have Mental Health Symptoms, Building R’ships Are Essential: NUS

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NUS Survey Finds 1 In 3 Youths In Singapore Have Mental Health Symptoms

Almost a year ago, Singaporeans were shocked by the violent attack on a student in the River Valley High School tragedy.

Although the incident was deeply saddening, it highlighted the need for greater mental health awareness.

President Halimah Mourns River Valley High School Tragedy, Calls For Greater Mental Health Awareness

Now, a study conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) has uncovered some preliminary survey findings on mental health among youths in Singapore.

The survey found that about one in six youths experienced mental health symptoms such as hyperactivity, rule-breaking and aggression.

But it also stressed the importance of building good relationships with people as it’s one of the protective factors.

Mental health symptoms & lower resilience in some youths

At a panel on the state of mental health among youths on Friday (20 May), Associate Professor John Wong, the principal investigator of the study, said about one in six young people said they experienced “externalising mental health symptoms”.

These include hyperactivity, rule-breaking and aggression.

According to

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